“The Important Things in Life Aren’t Things…”

I’m the kinda girl who wishes on 11:11 whenever I get the chance. I’m the kinda girl who throws a penny into a fountain and makes a wish. I’m the kinda girl who wishes on a shooting star (I’ve seen one once in the vast Negev Desert in Israel!). I’m the kinda girl who makes a wish when pulling a wishbone apart. I’m the kinda girl who wishes when my necklace clasp is spun around to the front. I’m the kinda girl who wishes on a loose eyelash that has fallen on my cheek. Get it? I like to make a lot of wishes, but I can’t tell you what they are. They’re my own secrets. Because if I told you, well, then, they wouldn’t come true. I guess I’m a little superstitious.

As I was driving home the other day after a torrential downpour, I noticed a vivid rainbow out of my car’s window. Stopped at a red light, I pulled out my camera and began taking pictures. It wasn’t until I got back home when I looked at the picture again (and showed it to everyone who was home—it was so beautiful!) and saw that it was actually a double rainbow! Curious about the significance of seeing a double rainbow, I googled (yes, it’s now a verb) it. Here’s what I found: “according to Feng Shui writer, Lillian Too, a double rainbow is a sign from the cosmic Universe that you are about to have something great fall into your lap, and that one good thing will lead to another.” Another source, The Osho Energy Transformation Institute, “says a double rainbow is the symbol of transformation.”

The definition of a wish is a desire or hope for something to happen. Now, you may be wondering what my wishing has to do with my seeing a double rainbow. Honestly, they’re not completely related. I’ll admit (but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!) that something great falling into my lap has been a wish of mine in the past, though. Having all of those wishes come true is pure luck. As is seeing a double rainbow. You have to be in the right place at the right time. I do believe that seeing that double rainbow is like having one of my wishes come true because of its strong significance. I’ve had to overcome a few challenges throughout my lifetime, but I still realize how privileged I am and that some people have experienced much worse than I have. So, having one good thing lead to another is something I (and most likely everyone else) always wish for.