Reflections on Back-to-School

With another semester beginning again, I find much to reflect on. There are so many new beginnings to think about and discuss: for us college students, it means new roommates, new classes, new opportunities, and just a new year (a year older, a year wiser)—a clean slate for a handful of life experiences.

Roommates can be your best friends, but they can also be your worst enemies. Lucky for me, I’ve gotten along with all of my roommates thus far—whether best friends or just considerate living-mates, I am thankful to say that I have not encountered the “naked roommate” or the “crazy overzealous achiever” (who drives you crazy bragging about grades, relationships, involvement on campus, you get the picture…) or any other crazy roommates you can think of for that matter. What’s so wonderful about roommates (at least, from my experience) is that you can all be so different (different religions, have different political views, different family lives, etc.), yet you can all be so alike. You find the things that you have in common and those are what mesh you together—I guess like in any friendship. You get along (or don’t get along) based off of things that you both enjoy (or don’t enjoy/agree upon)… just like with roommates.

The thought of new classes can be daunting, especially since you’ve most likely been on a break all summer. I think it’s exciting, however. Now that I am taking classes that pertain to my major (speech pathology), they’re not so tedious—actually lessons that I want to learn about! (I should restate… I am excited for classes, but definitely not for the amount of work that comes with them.) Summer, you will be missed, but I am excited to see what’s in store for me!

Take advantage of all the new opportunities that you possibly can. I am hoping to volunteer at the American Cancer Society this semester and I am ecstatic! I’m really looking forward to the experience, especially since I can relate it to my major (my goal is to specialize in speech patients that have had a head/neck cancer). New opportunities come in the form of a new job, a new volunteer position, a new internship, joining a new club, the list goes on and on… but, absolutely take advantage of all of your resources and of everything that is thrown your way. Don’t let anything slip past you because I promise all of these opportunities will be valuable today, tomorrow, the next day, and the next…

Good luck, everyone, with going back to school! I wish you all the best!


WWF—Words With Friends or WorthWhile Friends?

Now that I have left the Stone Age and entered into the modern world by becoming a smart phone user, I feel so up-to-date and in-touch with the world. I am absolutely in love with my new phone! Like most other new smart phone-users, I have gone app-crazy! There are just so many to choose from… what’s a girl to do! Among my favorites, however, is Words with Friends (or WWF as I like to call it—Words With Friends is just too long to keep repeating).

For those of you who have never played the game before, WWF is very similar to Scrabble—each player builds words based on the seven letters in his/her hand and based on the letters already placed on the board.

Not only is WWF a wonderful game to keep my mind going, it is also a fabulous way of keeping in touch with friends and family! There is a chat tool in the game where you can communicate with the other player (whether it’s to brag about your high score or complain about only having vowels). Because I am away at school most of the year, it is sometimes difficult to keep in touch with friends from home; so, the chat tool (as well as all of the technology available to us today) really helps with this dilemma.

Besides the great fun we have playing the game, my friends provide me with strength, comfort, and the ability to always help me see the best in the game of life; it is essential to maintain relationships with them. I am fortunate enough to have friends that share memories which date all the way back to elementary school and I know that they will be the ones that will be in my wedding party, the ones I will race down the halls in our wheelchairs when we are too old to keep walking. They will continue to always stick by my side for the rest of my life and I will be by theirs. Each one of my friends holds a special place in my heart.

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” – Bernard Meltzer

For now, we’re just happy to enjoy a few rounds of WWF!