Glass Half Full

As the end of the Jewish year approaches and a new one begins, I find myself without a clear mind. I have many thoughts and reflections on the past year and just about life in general. The one thought that I would like to focus on would be the idea of self-examination. Are you happy with whom you are right now at this point in your life?

This idea is a process that indicates one is ready to make an internal change—seeing oneself differently in the world, in your relationships, in your community; seeing the glass as half full if you’re normally a glass-half-empty kind of person; being able to enjoy life’s journey and make meaning out of it.

How can you see yourself differently in the world, in your relationships, in your community?

To quote Robert Byrne, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” We must strive to create lives that are filled with purpose and meaning. One way to approach this philosophy is to live a life with the glass-half-full mindset. Take a positive approach to all of life’s challenges, pains, losses, obstacles, etc…because, not to be negative, life is filled with them. That’s not always easy, but speaking from experience, trying to put a positive spin on negative occurrences goes a long way. You must gain the mindset and realize that whatever you’re going through could be worse, and chances are, someone else in the world does have it worse than you do.

Make meaning out of life’s journey—remember and reminisce about the past, celebrate the present, and plan for and be excited about your future.

These are just a few thoughts that are going through my head at this point in my life…and maybe some words of wisdom. Please share your thoughts with me!


Overcoming Fear of the Unknown

My best friend in the whole entire world, Sydney, was trying to teach me how to use Twitter today. I do have an account and I do use it from time to time, but I really, honestly have no idea what I’m doing. Sydney said, “The best way to learn how to use it is just to click some buttons and see what they do.” She then went on to say, “It’s kinda like anything in life—sometimes you just have to try it and see what happens.” Thanks for your wise words, Syd, 1) because they gave me some perspective and reiterated an essential life lesson and 2) because they gave me a blog idea!

How do you know if you like something until you try it? And the opposite is true as well—how do you know if you don’t like something until you try it? How will you learn new things if you don’t try (kind of like this whole Twitter situation)? The simple answer to all of these questions is, “You don’t.”

Lots of us thrive on routine and live in fear of change (fear of the unknown). I will admit I am one of those people. Change can be scary, but it can also be absolutely wonderful and can fully enrich your life—but how will you know until you try? We often seek comfort in things that are familiar to us, things that we already know we like. With trying new things comes growth, experience, and strength. It allows us to realize that while we are creatures of habit, we can still come out of our shells and be fine. How can you possibly grow by repeating the same habits over and over again? You can’t. You can only learn from trying new things and from having new experiences (and by going to school, of course, but that’s not my point). The best lessons in life are learned by experiencing, trust me on that one!



“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”

–Nora Roberts