Glass Half Full

As the end of the Jewish year approaches and a new one begins, I find myself without a clear mind. I have many thoughts and reflections on the past year and just about life in general. The one thought that I would like to focus on would be the idea of self-examination. Are you happy with whom you are right now at this point in your life?

This idea is a process that indicates one is ready to make an internal change—seeing oneself differently in the world, in your relationships, in your community; seeing the glass as half full if you’re normally a glass-half-empty kind of person; being able to enjoy life’s journey and make meaning out of it.

How can you see yourself differently in the world, in your relationships, in your community?

To quote Robert Byrne, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” We must strive to create lives that are filled with purpose and meaning. One way to approach this philosophy is to live a life with the glass-half-full mindset. Take a positive approach to all of life’s challenges, pains, losses, obstacles, etc…because, not to be negative, life is filled with them. That’s not always easy, but speaking from experience, trying to put a positive spin on negative occurrences goes a long way. You must gain the mindset and realize that whatever you’re going through could be worse, and chances are, someone else in the world does have it worse than you do.

Make meaning out of life’s journey—remember and reminisce about the past, celebrate the present, and plan for and be excited about your future.

These are just a few thoughts that are going through my head at this point in my life…and maybe some words of wisdom. Please share your thoughts with me!



The Constant Princess: From Midnight and Beyond…

Before I left my house for work this morning, I sprayed myself with some perfume (like I do most other days as well). Today I just grabbed a random perfume on my vanity without really looking at which one it was. When I finally realized it was a blue bottle with a “glass slipper” on the cap, I remembered I had bought it as a little girl in Disney World (shows how often I use that perfume because it is still pretty much full to the top). The perfume was called Cinderella—one of my favorite Disney princesses (it’s a toss-up between her and Belle). As I sprayed the perfume on my neck, I said to myself, “I’m a princess today.” But what I realized next is the best part—I’m a princess everyday.

You may be wondering how I came to that conclusion because it sounds pretty self-centered and as if I’m a spoiled girl if you ask me. Well, here is my thought: most every girl/woman is a princess everyday no matter size, shape, ethnicity, age, religion, etc. and we all deserve to be treated like one. We have to realize how lucky we are and how fortunate we are to be living the lives that we live. Even if we struggle or have numerous challenges, we have to think about all of the positives. That, to me, is the epitome of a true princess.

We can view Kate (and her spectacular Royal Wedding) as a wonderful example. She was just a “normal” girl living a life somewhat similar to all of ours. Once she met Prince William, her life changed from there. I’m sure like every other girl, she dreamt about being a princess, but her reality came true in the literal sense. Our dreams can all come true in the figurative sense that we are our own princesses, title or no title.