Project 365.

Day 1: July 2, 2011

To welcome and prepare for the Fourth of July, my sister and I made these delectable chocolate-covered strawberries. We melted white chocolate chips and dipped the strawberries in them. Then, we took the remaining melted chocolate chips and mixed them with blue food coloring and drizzled it over the strawberries. These were absolutely to-die-for! What a wonderful way to bring in the holiday–with family, friends, yummy food… and my first day as a blogger! Be safe and have a happy Fourth of July!

Day 2: July 3, 2011

I went on a major shopping spree today with my sister and dear friend, Jill! We had a fantastic day and had a great time catching up! Since Jill goes to a different school than I do, I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like so it’s always wonderful when we are able to spend a day together… especially while doing what we all do best, shopping!

Day 3: July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you all had a fun-filled, patriotic, safe holiday! Today, I spent the day with my best friend, Sydney. Last night, she slept over–we watched a movie, made chocolate chip cookies, and had tons of laughs. To continue our time together, we went to the gym this morning for 2 hours! It’s definitely safe to say that I have jelly arms. After our workout, we had a quick lunch at Panera and said our good-byes (nothing too sad because I’m sure we will see each other again within the next day or two–we are so lucky that we live so close to each other and get to spend time together often). I relaxed the rest of the afternoon and to celebrate the holiday, my family and I went over to a BBQ at our neighbor’s house. Overall, a productive day! πŸ™‚

Day 4: July 5, 2011
Besides the fact that Casey Anthony was found innocent for the murder of her daughter, today still turned out to be a pretty good day. Since I work for my family’s business, Mr. Food while home for the summer (for those of you who don’t know, my grandpa is Mr. Food–a TV chef for more than 30 years, nationwide), we had a birthday lunch to celebrate both my dad’s birthday and some exciting progress at work. What milestones! Tonight we will continue my dad’s birthday celebration at a restaurant called Old Florida Seafood with my grandparents. Cheers to celebrations!

Day 5: July 6, 2011

Busy day today: went to work, doctor’s appointment, mani/pedi, spent time with aunt and cousin, family dinner, ran errands, packed for my trip to Atlanta… I am ready for bed.

Day 6: July 7, 2011

Today, I went into work late in order to finish packing for my long-anticipated trip to Atlanta to visit my good friend, Shira and her mom. I had a normal day at work and went straight to the airport from there. Our (mine and my sister) flight was around 5:30. We got to Atlanta promptly. Atlanta airport is absolutely tremendous and my sister and I stupidly ended up walking the entire airport because we didn’t know how to use the tram system. Needless to say, good thing I didn’t have time for the gym today. As we arrived at baggage claim, Beth said, “Oh look! Our bags are the first ones out on the belt.” My response was, “No, they’re the last ones left.” We definitely got a few good laughs. Once finally picked up, Shira and her mom took us out for a delicious Chinese dinner and we spent the rest of the night caching up.

Day 7: July 8, 2011

Probably my favorite day of the trip! We went to the Georgia Aquarium, which is the largest in the world. So beautiful! Pictures to come soon! After spending about 4 hours at the aquarium, we had worked up our appetites. Since we were unfamiliar with the area, we “Yelped” (a term I coined) lunch and found this wonderful restaurant called the Peasant Bistro… I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area! After lunch, we headed over to the Coca Cola Museum (right next to the aquarium). Also, a very cool experience! I learned tons about the history, pop culture, and advertisements of Coca Cola. Plus, I got to taste about 64 different Coca Cola products from all over the world! We ended the day with a delicious, home-cooked meal at Shira’s beautiful home.

Day 8: July 9, 2011

I got to meet Shira’s nana today. We went for a yummy brunch and nana gave us a tour of her apartment and apartment complex–beautiful! We went on a driving tour of the area and got to see some of the huge mansions in the area. I definitely like the architecture so much more in Atlanta than where I’m from! After we left nana, Shira, her mom, my sister, and I went to this quaint little area called Virginia Highlands with adorable shops and restaurants. We spent the rest of the night at home relaxing, watching TV, and enjoying each other’s company.

Day 9: July 10, 2011

Babyland General: Home of the Cabbage Patch Dolls. We drove an hour and a half to visit–looked like a Southern plantation. We witnessed 3 “births” of Cabbage Patch Dolls–one doll was named after me! As we were leaving Babyland General, we asked for a lunch suggestion. This little cafe was recommended down the street… let’s just say we did not stay there to eat. The 3 of us walked in and were immediately stared at by everyone dining in the restaurant for some reason. Strange and uncomfortable. We then went shopping at the outlets–a very successful outing!

Day 10: July 11, 2011

Unfortunately, our last day in Atlanta arrived. 😦 We went to TJ Maxx (since the one closest to their house is enormous!), had a luscious, quick lunch, and headed to the airport.

Day 11: July 12, 2011

Another normal day at work. Wish I was still in Atlanta. On the plus side, I went to a hip hop class with my best friend, Sydney tonight! So much fun!

Day 12: July 13, 2011

Work and gym like usual. Typical day in the life of Jessie Ginsburg.

Day 13: July 14, 2011

It was a taping day at work today–taping my PopPop’s TV show!! I left early for a doctor’s appointment and tonight I’m having dinner with my sister and my mom and our dear, dear friends Ashley and her mom! I love and cherish our mother-daughter bonding time! I can’t believe I left a week ago already for Atlanta; time really does fly! I miss my Atlanta and our wonderful and hospitable friends up there, but it just means I’m that much closer to the next time we can all meet up again!

Day 14: July 15, 2011

Woke up early to go to the gym this morning and had a very successful workout! Today was abs, legs, and shoulders day πŸ™‚ After the gym, I spent time with my bestest friends, Sydney and Ashley, at Target. It was quite an ordeal to get there however; we have to pass over train tracks and a train was broken down–wonderfullllllll. No big deal though, we rerouted ourselves and finally got there! Tonight I am having family dinner with my grandparents like I do every Friday night to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath. I will hold these memories in my heart forever and hope to one day include my own children in our weekly dinners.

Day 15: July 16, 2011

Shopping spree with mommy today πŸ™‚ Always fun, but always dangerous! After our outing, we went home to relax (I read my book, Vision in WhiteΒ by Nora Roberts–definitely recommend it!). Besides reading, I’m also working on redecorating my room. While I’m up at school most of the year and my room at home is less and less used, it looks like a little girl lives in it and it’s unacceptable. Definitely time for an update! Now, I’m spending my Saturday night at Barnes & Noble with my bestest friends in the whole wide world ever: Sydney (view her blog here) and Beth (view her blog here).

Day 16: July 17, 2011

My grandma took my family and me to see a show called 1940s Radio Hour at FAU, one of the local colleges. It was a show with music from the 1940s on what a 1940s radio show would have been like during that time period. My aunt played a part in the show, played the piano, and was the musical director while my uncle played the drums. Beautiful job well done! After the show, we had a late lunch at a restaurant called the Cheese Course where we all ordered fantastically delicious fresh caprese sandwiches… my favorite! Later that night, my sister, Beth, and I met up with Val, a close friend from both high school and college at Starbucks. Sydney later met up with us and then slept over because her and Beth were going to court the next day to observe a jury selection as they are both pondering law school… pretty neat! Best of luck to them!

Day 17: July 18, 2011

Today, I ran a ton of errands. I had a good time picking out new items to decorate my bedroom with and cannot wait to be my own personal interior designer. I also got a massage today, which was absolutely heavenly. I ended my wonderfully, productive day with dinner with a wonderful friend of mine, Ryan.

Day 18: July 19, 2011

Work as usual. We came across an old cookbook of my grandpa’s that had a ton of pictures of my dad’s childhood as well as pictures of my own childhood… memories galore in that cookbook! After all, this is a family business so we’re bound to have memories like those somewhere in the office! After work, I came home for about an hour and a half before I had to head out to meet up with my girls for dinner–Darit, Jill, and Val. It was great catching up!

Day 19: July 20, 2011

Started a new project at work today. Left early-ish to run a bunch of errands. Went to a hip-hop class tonight at the gym with Val and Beth… always a good time!

Day 20: July 21, 2011

After work, Beth and I met up with our cousin Shayna at Starbucks. Shayna has been doing a lot of traveling this summer–to Brazil and to a fencing competition in Vienna–so it was wonderful to catch up. Lucky her–her trips sound amazing and I wish I could’ve had some of her experiences! We all had so many stories to share with each other. I really did miss her and I’m glad she’s home!

Day 21: July 22, 2011

Today was a splendid day! I’ve kept in touch with my second grade teacher and we (Beth, Sydney, my mom, and I) all met up for lunch at J. Alexander! We sat there for about 3 hours talking, catching up, and sharing stories–so great to see her! It’s been a while! She was my most memorable teacher–not only a wonderful one, but also a person that I strive to be just like (my role model). I am so lucky to still have such a close bond with her! Tonight, I had dinner with my grandma and then went to see Friends With Benefits with some of my friends. The movie was hilarious and I definitely recommend that everyone go see it! Two thumbs up! Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have such a good dynamic and have such a cute relationship that everyone can enjoy!

Day 22: July 23, 2011

Went to temple with my family this morning. I look forward to spending this time with my family every Saturday morning. We came home and spent the rest of the day preparing and baking for the company that we’re having tonight. We have some family friends coming over and I can’t wait to see everyone! It’s been such a long time. Tonight should be a great night with great people!

Day 23: July 24, 2011

Jill, Beth, and I drove down to Miami for a long-planned day together! We had a luscious lunch at Aroma Cafe. Aroma is an espresso bar with yummy salads, sandwiches, soups, pastries, and drinks that originated in Israel, one of my favorite places in the world! Having that taste of Israel brought back such fantastic, vivid memories of my two trips there. After lunch, we drove over to Lincoln Road and did what we girls do best, shop! It was such a scorture outside today and we were drenched in sweat, but it was still such a great atmosphere and so nice to walk around there!

Day 24: July 25, 2011

Went to Nordstrom Rack and Loehmann’s with mommy this morning. Then had lunch with my grandma–“nanny”–at California Pizza Kitchen. I tried one of their new salads called the Caramelized Peach Salad and it was beyond delicious and I recommend that everyone try it! Ran some other errands this afternoon and having a relaxing evening.

Day 25: July 26, 2011

Went to work, packed for my roadtrip to Orlando and Gainesville with Ashley, went to hip hop class, and visited with my friend Geoff who returned from being in New York the whole summer

Day 26: July 27, 2011

First leg of our roadtrip–driving to Orlando. Check! Had lunch with our good friend, Eli, at one of the cutest college hotspots, Lazy Moon. Went to do what we girls do best–mani/pedis and shopping at the outlet mall. Had a delicious meal at Brio, a Tuscan Grill. Came home and baked cookies and enjoyed spending time with our much-missed friend, Lior. So good to see everyone again!

Day 27: July 28, 2011

Epcot with my best friend–enough said. Wonderful day!

Day 28: July 29, 2011

Today is my PopPop’s (grandpa’s) birthday! Even though I am not there to celebrate with him, I wish him all the best and can’t wait until our big family birthday party (tomorrow)! Today, we drove from Orlando to Gainesville and are staying in Ashley’s apartment for the night. She gave us a tour of the campus, which was absolutely beautiful. Beth got out of the car and took some pictures in front of the UF law school as she hopes to attend there one day. We then went out for an early dinner at Toojay’s with Ashley’s cousin, Kayla. After dinner, we went to the UF Hillel where Ashley attends Shabbat dinner regularly during the school year. What a meaningful experience–reminded me of Chabad at UCF, which I love so much! We got to meet some of Ashley’s friends and this was such a pleasure! After Hilel, two of Ashley’s friends, Sarah and Stefani, came back to her apartment and we all sat around and chatted. Feels like I’ve known them forever. I can’t wait to come up at some point during the year to visit again!

Day 29: July 30, 2011

Breakfast at a breakfast cafe called Peach Valley was delicious and definitely filled our bellies for the ride home. Spent 4-1/2 hours on the road heading south from Gainesville and finally made it home. We were all exhausted after a long day of driving. Came home and had family dinner and met up with my friends Josh and Daniel for a low-key movie night.

Day 30: July 31, 2011

I had a relaxing day today and finally got to sleep a little later for once. Always on the run, I don’t usually have time to sleep in and relax. Early this evening, my family threw a birthday party for my grandpa at a deli. It was a wonderful celebration of his milestone birthday and of his beautiful life. Love you PopPop!

Day 31: August 1, 2011

Happy August everyone! Today I went to a couple doctor’s appointments and ran some errands in preparation to get ready for back-to-school. I also saw Crazy, Stupid, Love tonight with my cousin. Such a great movie–at first seems like it will be one of those predictable ones, but there’s a fantastic plot twist in the middle!

Day 32: August 2, 2011

Went to work today and went to a sampler class at the gym with some friends. Feels like a productive day!

Day 33: August 3, 2011

Left work a little early today to bring my mom to pick up her car for service. Then went home and relaxed a little while I got cozy with my dog during a thunderstorm. And I found out that I have a new roommate for next year! Can’t wait to meet her! Went to Target with Ashley for some back-to-school shopping and then met my dad at Chipotle for dinner. Overall, a good day!

Day 34: August 4, 2011

Work, dinner with grandma, gym.

Day 35: August 5, 2011

I ran a couple of errands–the tailor and Publix (an interesting experience to say the least)–and had a dentist appointment. Teeth are in perfect condition πŸ™‚ Shabbat dinner with my grandparents as usual tonight BUT Shira and her mom are visiting from Atlanta and they joined us along with friends, Stan and Chris. Such a fun night with a ton of laughs! So happy to see them πŸ™‚

Day 36: August 6, 2011

Got my haircut today–shorter than planned, but I am thrilled with the way it turned out! Went to Ft. Lauderdale beach tonight for dinner with Shira and her mom. We went to this delicious restaurant called Aruba Beach Cafe, such a fun night! Afterwards, we saw Crazy, Stupid, Love again… Ryan Gosling is just too sexy to pass up!

Day 37: August 7, 2011

Woke up early to help my friend, Ryan move into his new apartment–I must say that we did a great job assembling all of the furniture and decorating. Great teamwork! And it was also nice spending the day together and catching up. After that, I went to volunteer with this program through my synagogue called Family Promise. My family helped some families who are struggling financially by playing with their children and bringing them food. They were all so sweet and appreciative! Post volunteering, Beth and I met up with Sydney and her friend Diana at the Victoria’s Secret “party” where they introduced their new fall line. We then went to our friend Geoff’s house to hang out with some friends from high school days. Today was so long and I’m exhausted, but what a productive day! I enjoyed myself so so much!

Day 38: August 8, 2011

Happy half birthday to me! In exactly 6 months from today, I will be 21!!! I was hoping for a half cake (made out of ladyfingers and ice cream) because my dad used to make that for us when we were younger. But, no such luck :/ I spent the day running errands with mommy and got a much needed, relaxing manicure. Tonight, I went to a kickboxing class with Beth and our friend, Val. We are all in so much pain, but it was so much fun! Afterwards, we went to Panera for dinner and caught up on each other’s lives.

Day 39: August 9, 2011

Worked today, like any typical Tuesday. After work, Sydney came over for dinner and to help me dye my hair. I am officially a (subtle) red head now and I love my new look!

Day 40: August 10, 2011

Worked again, 9-4 like usual. My cousin, Marc, and my uncle, arrived from New Jersey today in preparation for our trip to Naples this weekend. It’s great to see them and I’ve truly missed them!! I look forward to our family trip to Naples every summer, beginning from the time we leave Naples the prior year. After work, my family went over to my grandma’s where she cooked a scrumptious stew for us all to enjoy together. Mmm mmm!

Day 41: August 11, 2011

Both happy and sad about my last day of work–I will miss everyone, but I am ready to go back to school! Thanks for a fantastic summer! At the end of the day, I came up and packed/prepared for our family trip to Naples. I am ready to soak up the sun in paradise!

Day 42: August 12, 2011

We embarked on our family trip to Naples! I am soaking up the sun at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club at their beautiful pool sippin’ on a strawberry daiquiri… in heaven! We enjoyed a delicious, authentic, Italian dinner in town at Rosso Pomodoro. Bravisimo!

Day 43: August 13, 2011

Started off my day at the beach for a few hours and then went back to the room to freshen up for a driving tour of Bonita Springs, a beautiful area right next to Naples. Dinner was at a restaurant called The Dock tonight and I really enjoyed my fish and veggies dish. It was outside so it was kind of hot and I got eaten up by mosquitoes, but it was a beautiful view of the Naples Bay. After dinner, Beth, my cousin, Marc, and I went out to a bar in the little downtown of Naples. We thought it would be a fun outing for us but it turns out you have to be 21 to be in there. Oh well 😦

Day 44: August 14, 2011

A calm day for the gulf–the water was so serene, almost lake-like–the way I love it because sometimes big waves scare me. Afterwards, I went shopping with mommy at an outdoor shopping mall that we visit every year. Tax free weekend and sales = amazing deals and one happy Jessie! For dinner, we went to Brio and had our best meal of the trip with the best service! Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone! Absolutely wonderful! We came back to the hotel for the night and played a game of dominoes… great family bonding time!

Day 45: August 15, 2011

Spent my morning at the beach and enjoyed my last day of tanning. Went back up to the room to shower, pack, and prepare for checkout 😦 We drove into town for our last hoorah–lunch at the Old Naples Pub–and drove home for the end to a wonderful, relaxing vacation.

Day 46: August 16, 2011

Busy day and filled with goodbyes! Woke up early to have breakfast with Ashley–the last time we will see each other for the summer 😦 Then, my cousin, Shayna, stopped by on her way back to school to say her goodbyes for the summer 😦 Afterwards, we went into the office for a goodbye and thank you lunch with all of the employees 😦 After that, got a pedicure with Beth and ran a few other errands (Pizzazz included, this funky little store). Came home to relax for a little and then went to Jill’s birthday dinner, which was bittersweet–so much fun spending time with some friends and celebrating her 21st birthday with her, but yet, another goodbye 😦

Day 47: August 17, 2011

Today was filled with packing and more goodbyes–my grandma (nanny) and my BFF Geoff. I also got a massage today and went over to my favorite store, Target to pick up a few things.

Day 48: August 18, 2011Β 

Last day at home for the summer… definitely bittersweet. I had a quick lunch with my cousins, which was the perfect way to end my summer. Afterwards, I came home for the afternoon to finish packing, hang out with my mom, and cook a delicious chili for dinner. Later, I went to see my friend Ryan’s show, the Shape of Things, at FAU. It was wonderful and recommend everyone in the area go see it! Job well done!

Day 49: August 19, 2011

Drove back to Orlando today to move into my apartment. I met my new roommates who seem so sweet. I can’t wait for the rest of this year! Unpacked and cleaned all day, but went to Chabad for dinner and to see my friends–it was fabulous seeing everyone. I love getting back into my routine.

Day 50: August 20, 2011

Got our apartment ready for the year by cleaning and organizing and ran so many errands–Target, grocery shopping, getting textbooks, getting car serviced–and spent time with Sydney and her cousin, Jamie. We helped Jamie prepare for her 1st graders by organizing books and helping her get set up for a wonderful year of teaching! We spent last night with Justin eating pizza, talking, and lots and lots of laughing. Today was very productive, but I am exhausted.

Day 51: August 21, 2011

More preparations for school to begin–cleaning and organizing pretty much. Got a manicure with Sydney, her cousin, Jamie, and her roommate, Tori…girl’s outings are always fun! Watching Friends and hanging out with Val tonight–always makes me feel happy! πŸ™‚

Day 52: August 22, 2011

First day of classes! I woke up early to bring my car in for service and thanks to my close friend, Justin, I didn’t have to sit and wait for it. After that, I began classes at 1:30–Speech Production, Speech Production Lab, and Nutrition. So far, I think this is going to be a wonderful and exciting, yet stressful semester… and I love my professors! After classes, I came home for a little while and then went to a Hillel event to meet some new people. It was such a good time and I look forward to the next event!

Day 53: August 23, 2011

Classes began at 9:00 this morning with Language Science and then I had a 3 hour break, which I spent with Sydney running errands around campus, and had another class at 1:30–Neural Bases of Communication. I’ve had both of these professors in previous semesters so I somewhat knew what to expect. They both seem challenging, but so interesting! After classes were over for the day, I drove to the American Cancer Society in Orlando to fill out some forms and find out some information about volunteering there. I begin Friday morning and I am so stoked! Chabad tonight with my Jew Crew!

Day 54: August 24, 2011

Went to Target this morning to get my binders and folders to organize myself for my classes. I’m such a nerd when it comes to school supplies and organizing myself for school–I love it! Had two classes this afternoon and hung out with my friend Alli in between classes. Tonight was low key getting myself organized.

Day 55: August 25, 2011

Class, gym with Sydney, class. Ran errands with Beth and came home to relax a little. Sushi night with our friend, Rachel!

Day 56: August 26, 2011

Woke up early and went to my first day of volunteering at the American Cancer Society. I really enjoyed it and I’m so excited to see what else is in store!!! Came home, napped, blogged, and caught up on some school work. Chabad tonight was amazing as usual!

Day 57: August 27, 2011

Went to Chabad for Saturday morning services and lunch–what a fulfilling morning/afternoon! Came home and did homework/hung out with my friend, Eli. Went out to a club called Deko tonight with a large group of friends (Beth, Darit, Shiri, Sydney, Samantha, and Justin)–had such a great time! Great way to kick off the school year!

Day 58: August 28, 2011

Had breakfast with Sydney this morning at this new, delicious breakfast restaurant in Orlando–Keke’s! So yummy–best pancakes! Then, we went to the mall for the afternoon. Came home and went to Publix and dropped off a check at Chabad for a trip to New York in November! So so excited to be going–really looking forward to it! We just got back from visiting our friend Val’s new apartment–congrats girl, it’s beautiful!

Day 59: August 29, 2011

Happy birthday Nanny! Many many more happy ones! Ran around non-stop today–3 classes makes for a long day! Came home and cooked dinner and did more homework. Tired.

Day 60: August 30, 2011

Language Science class, 3 hour break at the gym with Sydney–yay circuit training!, Neurological Bases of Communication class, pick up project supplies for a brain model, Chabad with my favorite people–yay for meeting new people too!

Day 61: August 31, 2011

Lonnnnnng day: volunteering, class, drive to Tampa for the best concert EVER!!!!!!!!! Matt Nathanson, MAROON 5, and Train–soamazing! Totally worth the drive πŸ™‚
Day 62: September 1, 2011

Class, home for a nap and to pack for the weekend, class, 3 hour drive home for the long weekend… feels good to be home!

Day 63: September 2, 2011

Worked on some homework (including making a brain model for one of my classes–so difficult!!) and ran some errands. Tonight, I had family dinner with my parents, sister, and grandma–it feels good to be home at times like these!

Day 64: September 3, 2011

Started my day off with breakfast with Ryan and then went to spend some time with my grandparents and the rest of the fam!

Day 65: September 4, 2011

Spent the whole day with my family πŸ™‚

Day 66: September 5, 2011

Spent the morning with my parents and then drove back to Orlando and did homework for the rest of the evening.

Day 67: September 6, 2011

Woke up and made myself a healthy breakfast–egg whites and some coffee and headed out to my 9:00 Language Science class. After, I went to the library for about 3 hours to begin studying for the 3 tests that I have next week. Then, I had another class, Neurological Bases of Communication. I had a quiz on the 12 cranial nerves which I think I did well on. When I came home, Eli came to hang out for a little while because I haven’t seen him in a while. Tonight, I went to the Chabad BBQ, my favorite night of the week πŸ™‚

Day 68: September 7, 2011

Went to Target this morning with Darit and came back to do some homework and register for a GRE prep class which will begin in October. Then I went on campus for my Speech Production class. Had a break and then went to my Nutrition class. Since my class got out early, I was able to go to the grad fair in the Student Union, where I learned about some of the graduate programs that UCF has to offer, especially the Communication Sciences and Disorders Masters program. Came home for an hour and then met our friend, Jamie, for sushi and ice cream. After that, Justin came over to hang out for a while.

Day 69: September 8, 2011

Long day; my eyes are burning out of tiredness. Left the apartment by 8:30 this morning and was on campus until 2:45ish in classes and at the gym with Sydney. Went straight to pick up Beth to go get our much-needed mani/pedis… pure bliss! Came home for about half hour to get ready for dinner with Sydney, and our friend Allie who we haven’t seen in such a long time. It was great catching up with an old friend πŸ™‚ No I’m about to go pass out in my nice, cozy bed… good night everyone!

Day 70: September 9, 2011

Volunteered in the morning and worked at the front desk. Afterwards, Beth and I had a quick lunch at Greens & Grill and then I went to study at the library with some friends from my class–I have 3 exams next week! 😦 Came home and took a long nap after that and skyped with Shira!!! After that, went to Chabad for dinner and Shabbat and see all of my friends πŸ™‚

Day 71: September 10, 2011

Happy 21st birthday, Shayna! Wish I was there to celebrate with you! Beth and I ran a bunch of errands today–tried to find some red bandanas for the football game and went shopping at our favorite little boutique, Francesca’s. After, we came home to get some studying/homework done and prepare for a busy night filled with a football game and a party. We won our football game against Boston College 30-3! GO KNIGHTS! Beth and I left during halftime to come home to get ready to go to our friend, Jon’s birthday party that our friend Lior was hosting. A great night with so many friends!

Day 72: September 11, 2011

Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since 9/11. View my blog post about it!Β Studied for a test I have tomorrow most of the day and went shopping with Val for her birthday party next weekend.

Day 73: September 12, 2011

Went to Target in the morning because we pretty much ran out of food. Went home and got myself organized and cleaned a little. Afterwards, I went to my Speech Production class and had my first exam of the semester. I think it went really well and I’m hopeful that I did well. In between that class and my lab, I went to Einstein’s with a friend from class. We then went to lab together and I had another class after, Nutrition. Last night, I went over to my friend Alli’s to study for our Language Science test that we have tomorrow.

Day 74: September 13, 2011

Lonnnnnng day and not a good day 😦 Very stressed the health of a few family members–mommy and nanny–you both better be feeling better so so soon! Almost slept through my Language Science test this morning, but luckily I made it in time. Went to the library for a few hours with Sydney to study and then went to my Neurological Bases of Communications class. Then worked on a group presentation and went to a NSSLHA meeting, the Communication Sciences and Disorders club on campus. Sounds like there are lots of great events and volunteer opportunities planned and I can’t wait to get involved this semester! From there, went straight to Chabad to see some friends. I knew they’d make me feel better after my stressful day. And then went to iKiwi, a yummy yogurt shop, with Justin. From 8:15-9:30 straight, I wasn’t home. So exhausted after today.

Day 75: September 14, 2011

Today was a little better than yesterday, thank goodness! This morning, I slept in a little later than usual and did things around the apartment–cleaning and organizing myself, and a few chores. Went to my 2 classes and went to Chabad (seems to be my second home) to bake challah! Mine had chocolate chips in it! So delicious!

Day 76: September 15, 2011

Went to my classes as usual and then drove home to go visit my mom who’s in the hospital 😦

Day 77: September 16, 2011

Spent the day at the hospital with my mom and took my grandma to the doctor because she has bronchitis. When it rains, it pours.

Day 78: September 17, 2011

Spent another day at the hospital

Day 79: September 18, 2011

Another day in the hospital with mommy. Finally moved to a normal room out of ICU πŸ™‚ Then drove back to Orlando–been doing homework, cooking, and organizing all night.

Day 80: September 19, 2011

Slept in a little later than usual, relaxed, and organized myself in the morning. Met up with my group to work on a presentation for my Neurological Bases class. Class. Lab. Homework. Chabad.

Day 81: September 20, 2011

Started my dad off with my early Language Science class. Library in between classes with Sydney. Afternoon Neurological Bases class. Homework. Chabad and ice cream afterwards with a few friends. Came home and watched the first episode of the Glee for the season and the pilot of the show called New Girl with Zoey Deschenel (so funny!).

Day 82: September 21, 2011

“Ran errands” (which really turned into a shopping spree) with Sydney this morning. Class, studied, packed to go home this weekend. Went to a NSSLHA (the speech pathology club) social–bowling! Came home and laughed all night with my wonderful roommates πŸ™‚

Day 83: September 22, 2011

Classes–had a presentation in my Neurological Bases class that I think went really well! Road-tripped home with Sydney to go spend time with my family–mommy is still in the hospital 😦

Day 84: September 23, 2011

Spent the day in the hospital with mommy

Day 85: September 24, 2011

Spent the day in the hospital with mommy again. Took a small break to run some errands. Lots of visitors today!

Day 86: September 25, 2011

Spent the morning in the hospital with mommy and then drove back to Orlando–getting myself organized for the week and catching up on homework that didn’t get done this weekend.

Day 87: September 26, 2011

I woke up early this morning to get some school work done. Went to class at 1:30 and another two classes at 3:30 and 4:30. Tonight was a blast! Mani/pedis with Beth and then Lazy Moon with a bunch of Chabad friends!!

Day 88: September 27, 2011

Went to my Language Science class and had a pop quiz that I think I did well on. Went to the gym with Sydney and our friend, Maria. After, the 3 of us went to meeting about volunteering on campus during homecoming week–I am volunteering during Comedy Knight and I am so so excited because the host is going to be Ross Matthews!!!! Went to another class afterwards and then went home to get some work done. Tonight, I went to a Tri-Delta dinner, which fundraised money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, with my roomies. Productive day!

Day 89: September 28, 2011

Slept a little later than usual, yay! Had a test in my Speech Production class which I think went decently. Went to the library and then went to my Nutrition class. Came home and rushed around like a lunatic and then went to Chabad to celebrate Rosh Hashanah!!!!

Day 90: September 29, 2011

Synagogue (Chabad) for a good chunk of the day to observe the holiday. Ran a bunch of errands–completely out of food and then Lior came over πŸ™‚ Sleepy and ready for bed, good night!

Day 91: September 30, 2011

Synagogue (Chabad) for most of the day for Rosh Hashanah. Came home for a few hours and then went back to Chabad for Shabbat services and dinner. Went out to a party afterwards–so much fun!

Day 92: October 1, 2011

Had brunch at First Watch this morning with Darit and Shiri–much-needed sister bonding time! Afterwards, brought homework to Sydney’s and had a homework party…woooohoo! Went to Val’s for dinner and stopped by Rachel’s after that. Day filled with many wonderful friends!

Day 93: October 2, 2011

Spent the day doing homework and made a birthday dinner for Justin! Happy birthday!!!!

Day 94: October 3, 2011

Ran errands this morning and went to my classes this afternoon.

Day 95: October 4, 2011

Classes and the gym and my favorite night of the week–Chabad BBQ!

Day 96: October 5, 2011

Classes and packing to go home tomorrow!

Day 97: October 6, 2011

Today marks the 5-year-anniversary since my surgery!!!! Such a great feeling to reach this milestone! Class this morning and then a review this afternoon for my Neurological Bases of Speech and Hearing class–we have our first test next week! In between, I brought Beth to her first day of volunteering for Junior Achievement. After class, we road-tripped home with Darit and Shiri which absolutely made the car-ride home much more enjoyable! Had Chipotle for dinner with mommy and daddy and hung out with Josh and Daniel afterwards–nice to catch up!

Day 98: October 7, 2011

Went into the office this morning to get some work assignments to work on up at school. Afterwards, went to the mall with mommy and came home to relax for a little while. Then, drove down to my grandparent’s house to begin the fast for Yom Kippur and went to Neillah services.

Day 99: October 8, 2011

Yom Kippur–shul all day. Broke the fast around 7:45 πŸ™‚

DAY 100: October 9, 2011

Lunch with nanny and parents at nanny’s clubhouse and then back on the road to Orlando.

Day 101: October 10, 2011

Bookstore, class, lab, class, meeting, study.

Day 102: October 11, 2011

First class of the day was cancelled so I spent all of my day up until 1:30 in the library studying for my Neurological Bases Test. I’m fairly confident in how I did on the test, but it was definitely challenging! First test of the class over, phew! After that, I came home and cleaned the apartment and then hung out with my friend, Eli, who I hadn’t seen in about a month. It was definitely good to catch up! Tonight, I went to Chabad like I do every Tuesday night for Chabad’s weekly BBQ.

Day 103: October 12, 2011

Classes and more studying for my second test of the week–Language Science. This definitely is hell week with the amount of studying I’ve been doing… no fun! 😦 Tonight, I was able to take a small break from studying and go to Chabad for the first night of Sukkot though!

Day 104: October 13, 2011

And the second test of the week finally arrived. Unfortunately, I thought I did better than I actually did 😦 This afternoon, Beth and I went for much-needed mani/pedis with Val!! Such a wonderful way to end the stressfull week! Went to Chabad again tonight for Sukkot and then went home and went for froyo with my roommate, Sam, and her brother, who is visiting for the night.

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  1. Jill W

     /  August 17, 2011

    This is such an amazing idea writing a little mini-post everyday! it’ll be something so awesome to look back at whether it’s next summer or throughout the year! I completely agree with day 46 though, it really was bittersweet! oysh love you!!!!

  2. I love this, Jess! It’s such a great way to chronicle so many amazing memories!


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